Each of the 9 workout types are adaptable to all levels of fitness, including beginner, intermediate and advanced and options are offered throughout. The workouts are labelled for their difficulty level and the challenges offered include progressive workouts.

Absolutely! If you choose not to go with the daily recommendation, you can also dive into the library and look for a recipe or meal plan that works for you, your taste, the season and your budget.

The entire program was created for women over 50, 60, 70 and beyond and so all of the wellness articles are relevant for those age groups. If you wish to categorise even further, go into the search bar and type in your age group for relevant articles.

The choice is yours! If you feel inspired to check in daily, you can login and get inspired with a new recipe or to read a relevant article of your choice or try a new workout. Otherwise you can login when you feel the need to, however many times a week/fortnight that may be to suit your lifestyle.

All the recipes featured in the Daily Fuel program are made from fresh, local produce and free from additives and preservatives. If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, simply erase them from the recipe, substitute for something else, or try a whole other recipe altogether.

YES! I encourage men to join in as the exercises and workouts are both beneficial for men and women, so please feel free to bring along your better half. 🙂

I offer three levels in every workout, a beginner, intermediate and advanced version of each exercise so even if you are just starting out for the first time, you will find a level to suit you.

Yes definitely. All the recipes are simple to follow and easy to prepare and cater for everyone. You may need to adjust the quantities of each ingredient when cooking for extra people.

Each day I will add a new workout, recipe and article to keep you fit, healthy, active and full of knowledge! Of course you can access the vast library of workouts, recipes and articles for on demand health and fitness.

Ranging from Breakfast through to lunch and dinner and all snacks meals in between. Also seasonal recipes such as juices and smoothies in summer to soups in winter.

Each day I will upload a new workout to the library. There are 9 different workout types and these are rotated on a weekly basis. Simply access the daily workout for variety or stick to the program type you prefer and work progressively through the workouts. 

My workouts cater for all levels of fitness, ability and of course age, so you are never too old to get your body feeling great again through gentle exercise.

Absolutely! The Daily Fuel program is all online so you can access the classes from anywhere in the world you may be, whether that’s at home, in a gym, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean or skiing the slopes in Aspen!


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