The physical, mental and psychological benefits of the daily fuel program


Flow series workouts are yoga and tai chi based and increase flexibility, range of motion and helps lubricate joints and stiff muscles.

The Core series workouts focuses on strengthening the midsection which in turn protects your spine from degeneration.

The Balance, Flow, Core and Stretch series workouts all blend together to correct your posture and make you aware of your stature.

The Strength series workouts focuses on building lean muscle through resistance training, increasing strength and power.

The Meditation series workouts is a calm and relaxed way to reconnect your mind, body and soul for ultimate reconnection to YOU.

The Balance series workouts increases balance, control and stability through progressive gentle workouts that focus on a building the strength and stability of various muscles.

The Energy series workouts aim to increase the heart rate, raise a sweat and in turn, raise the metabolism for better overall cardiovascular health.

The ABT series workouts focus on the lower body, toning, strengthening and redefining those problem areas.


Using a variety of nutritious, vitamin and mineral packed seasonal vegetables and organic and clean sources of protein, health is our number 1 priority.

Without restricting calories or attempting any fad diets, these meal plans and guidelines will encourage weight loss naturally.

Getting the body into alkaline state will ward off chances of cancer and the risks associated with it.

Keeping bones and teeth healthy is vital in preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis later in life.

A healthy diet full of the right produce and volumes may help prevent dementia and cognitive decline. 

Cleansing the body is vital to clearing away the bad bacteria in the gut, reducing inflammation and promotes regular bowel movements.

Eating well, keeping hydrated and moving are essential to promoting a good night’s sleep.

By making small lifestyle dietary changes, up to 80% of premature heart disease and stroke can be prevented.


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