A little story about me

From the moment I stepped foot into a gymnasium at the tender age of 13, I knew had found my passion. From the group fitness floor to the weights room with all the ‘boys’, I was hooked. And so my fitness career began a the age of 21, where I became a certified group fitness director and personal trainer. But my wanderlust was calling, so I packed a bag and set sail on board luxury cruise liners (namely the famous QE2), to work as a fitness instructor whilst travelling the world. I was introduced to many cultures, age groups and experiences from all across our globe. 

After spending some time overseas I ventured back home to Sydney Australia and set up my personal training business, training a variety of ages and backgrounds for over 20 years. During that time, I have refined my health and fitness strategy to provide the best results, improving the quality of the lives of all my clients.

Recently, I have turned my attention and expertise to the mature age market, preventing falls, increasing strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. I specialise in teaching women and men over 50, how to move, eat and live in a more efficient way to benefit their lifestyle. I strive to enhance my client’s quality of life through health, fitness and wellbeing.

Now I work both in person at my boutique personal training studio In Pyrmont, Sydney and also online with my clients.  I have designed these programs to accomodate individuals over 50 and beyond, and the constant demands and changes of our bodies as we age. Progressive, effective, safe and fun to achieve the very best health, fitness and wellness.

I’m so excited you have come to share this journey with me.